Label: Landmark

Notation Description Usage
moved_to Tracks a landmark's physical location over time. [Hamilton Grange (1802)] moved_to [Hamilton Grange (1802, 1889 location)]
recreated_as Connects a demolished or deconstructed landmark to a reimagined or rebuilt heir. [Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace] recreated_as [Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site]
renovated_as Connects a structure to its substantially renovated incarnation. [Commodore Hotel] renovated_as [Hyatt Grand Central New York]
replaced_by Connects an identified landmark to the landmark that took its physical place on its site. [Waldorf-Astoria (1897)] replaced_by [Empire State Building]
repurposed_as Connects an identified landmark to its use for a different purpose. [Singer Bowl] repurposed_as [Louis Armstrong Memorial Stadium]
succeeded_by Connects an identified landmark to its next incarnation, regardless of physical location. [Waldorf-Astoria (1897)] succeeded_by [Waldorf-Astoria (1929)]